Migrating your Atlassian tools to the Cloud

Klee Group supports your migration thanks to our Platinum Atlassian partnership

Why opt for the Cloud?

  • All the new features are in the Cloud!

    Atlassian is constantly innovating, and investing in the Cloud is one of its priorities. You can benefit from these releases as soon as they become available, without waiting for a version upgrade to be planned for your environments.

  • Infrastructure is no longer your problem

    No more infrastructure costs, slowdowns or long outages! Atlassian offers reliable, secure hosting with a high level of availability. Discover the Trust programme and all the Atlassian certifications that will reassure you of their reliability.

  • Licences tailored to your needs

    Where the DataCenter tiers may seem too high (500 in 500) with an annual commitment, the Cloud offers you total freedom between a monthly payment per user or an annual payment with reduced tiers.

    You also have access to several packages to suit your needs (Free, Standard, Premium and Enterprise).

Discover all the Atlassian possibilities

Our expertise to support you in this migration

As Atlassian experts and consultants specialising in project management, we can help you migrate your IT infrastructure to the Cloud. We can advise you on the best practices to adopt in terms of DevOps and Agility, as well as on the use of project management tools. In specific terms, we can assess the relevance of certain functionalities, optimise your licences and standardise your settings to create an optimised Cloud environment. Together, we can determine which projects are best suited to this migration and offer you training in DevOps tools and Agile practices to ease the transition.

A step-by-step migration to the Cloud

A migration must be well prepared and well supported. It's a real project that we undertake together: you as the customer and us as the partner and single point of contact for Atlassian and the app publishers.

What are the 3 stages in migrating to the Cloud?

Auditing your instances

As integrators and Atlassian partners, we analyse your instance to understand its configuration. We then talk to the key players in your instances, such as Agile DevOps consultants. Finally, we provide you with recommendations and a plan for migrating to the Cloud.

Dummy run

A dummy run is used to check the strategy and test the migration. In practice, several runs are necessary, and this is when the detailed migration plan is drawn up. A testing phase enables you to check that everything is working properly.

Final migration

Thanks to the dummy run we create a solid, tried and tested migration plan, which we then implement together as we go live

Genuine change management support

  • Involving all stakeholders

    Migration is not just a technical process. It's a change for the day-to-day operation of all your users, even if the tools are similar. That's why it's important for everyone involved with Jira and Confluence to be consulted and involved: users who create tickets, a development team that works on tasks, a project manager who needs reporting, administrators, the security team and many others.

    By providing extensive change management support, frequent communication, testing phases that involve everyone and training, we give everyone a voice and get them involved.

  • Monitoring this migration as a real project

    Many players are involved in a merger-migration (you, us, Atlassian, the users, etc.), several phases are necessary and there are many dependencies. It is important to organise this work as a project.

    To do this, we like to monitor the activity directly in Jira and work using the Agile method to adapt to the specificities of the migration. From experience, this is not a straight line. Operational and steering committees will also be organised throughout the project.

They trust us

"The migration was successful and the move to the cloud worked beyond our expectations. That's why we decided to work with Klee Group on annual support for our operational team."

Dorothée Lutun

Head of Transverse Product Operations - NEXITY

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