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Proud nerd, passionate developer, idea agitator, business expert, experienced functional consultant (or not), connected trainee, motivated creator, born data scientist, confirmed architect, committed project manager...

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Recruitement team

Our Recruitment Team is still looking for new talents! On the agenda: internship datings, school challenges, coding dojo, webinars, training, etc. From Paris, Nantes or Lyon, we are ready to meet and talk with you.

Let's boost your career together with new adventures!

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Agile Coach

“I accompany our clients in their Agile transformation; I particularly like to help them in the adoption of an Agile mindset and in the optimization of their processes. Using a toolbox of best practices, I like to build with them the most appropriate approach to their specific environment."

Our 3 values in a few words


  • Commitment

    Klee is committed to the quality, the costs and the deadlines of its projects. This commitment is achieved through user-centered methods, shared experience and both enterprise and initiative spirit.

  • Collective intelligence

    Immersed in the agile culture, our teams promote collective intelligence with our customers, partners and within Klee itself, with all the willingness and expertise that this requires.

  • Innovation

    Thanks to its R&D and innovation teams, as well as its partnership network and its constant technology watch, Klee combines its skills and expertise to advise and guide its Customers. This helps Klee lead them to make the best choices in the creation of added value solutions.

Gender Equality Index in 2023

Gender equality


Klee Conseil & Intégration

Company with more than 250 employees

Measurement of 5 indicators


95 out of 100

Klee Performance

Company between 50 and 250 employees

Measurement of 4 indicators

The advantages of the Klee Culture

Klee culture

  • Klee Academy, let’s learn together!

    Discover, share and learn with the Klee Academy, a personalized training program combining face-to-face and digital learning.

  • Ready, set, brainstorm!

    With our agile culture, any excuse is good to take out stickers and other flipcharts for our design thinking workshops. We share our meeting summaries in sketching (Yes, we also have table football and unicorns on our desks).

  • Klee Channel, our collaborative news channel!

    Designed by and for Klee's talents, Klee Channel gives you all the news from #LaTeamKlee in real time!

  • Collective intelligence also comes through Microsoft 365!

    Klee teams work with the best tools on the market.

  • The Turing Lab, a space for creativity!

    Open to all #LaTeamKlee members, the lab is available to make your prototypes and other experiments of all kinds... Let your creativity do the talking!

  • #LaTeamKlee, nomadic and close to its customers!

    At its clients' homes, on its premises, at trade shows, at meetings... #LaTeamKlee is agile!


Klee Teams dabble in everything!

Klee cultrure

Robotics, data, AI, web, cloud, mobility, UX... With projects that are increasingly business-oriented and user-oriented, in many market sectors, our teams rely on the best technologies on the market to create the most effective solutions.

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