Klee Academy

A training experience dedicated to Klee employees

  • Training, the cornerstone of skills development and employee fulfillment

    To provide our employees with the best possible support in their professional careers, we place training at the heart of Klee Group's strategy. Klee Academy, our innovative training program, is an essential tool for skills development, essential for the personal fulfillment of each individual within the Group and with our customers. Our experts are the driving force behind the development of training programs, in collaboration with external partners.

  • An e-learning platform accessible to the entire #KleeTeam

    Klee Academy, Klee's e-learning training platform, offers over 350 modules. Every Group employee can access a wide range of training courses at his or her own pace, on subjects as varied as Sustainable IT, AI, cybersecurity and the most innovative technologies.

Employees are key players in knowledge sharing!

Sharing is an integral part of the Klee culture: project RETEX, sharing best practices, interactive workshops...

We encourage our teams to share their knowledge with their peers, thanks in particular to the Klee Academy platform, on which each employee can create e-learning modules. Through collaborative learning, trainers and learners stay in touch to work together to improve the content offered.

Klee Academy in 2022

A few figures

16 hours

of training on average per person


certifications or labels obtained by Klee experts

+ 350

courses available on the Klee Academy platform


of employees have taken at least one training course

Our teams' most popular Klee Academy courses



Sustainable IT



Personal Development and Quality of Life at Work

The Sustainable IT course on Klee Academy

Klee frequently raises its teams' awareness of environmental and accessibility issues. Climate Mural, Digital Mural, Sustainable IT, Ecodesign: these themes are offered in the form of workshops and training courses, so that employees can grasp CSR issues in their day-to-day work.

For more information, discover our CSR approach.

Special events for our employees

  • Klee Academy Week

    For several years now, Klee has been organizing an in-house week dedicated to sharing, developing skills and open-mindedness on a variety of subjects. To mark the occasion, we bring together external and internal speakers to share their knowledge through workshops, webinars and other events.

    In 2023, Klee Academy Week saw 18 workshops, over 150 people connected and 82% satisfaction!

  • The Voltaire Project

    In 2022 and 2023, the Voltaire Project, a spelling and expression training tool, was made available to teams for a 3-month period. A real fun tool, the Voltaire Project is based on Memory Anchoring® technology, ensuring rapid and lasting memorization. Employees were thus able to assess their spelling levels and acquire new rules through practice. A digital team escape game rounded off the project on a high note!