A group commited to its CSR!

CSR at Klee Group is reflected in concrete programs and actions in areas such as responsible digital technology, diversity, waste management and well-being at work.

"Our vision of sustainable development is built on fundamental ethical and societal principles. Klee Group's objective is to make a positive contribution to a more sustainable world. To achieve this, the Group's vision is reflected on our ecosystem as a whole, creating a virtuous dynamic for the common good."

Samir Khanfir

CEO of Klee Group

Our commitments to national and international initiatives


  • Planet Tech' Care

    Klee Group is committed to Planet Tech'Care, an initiative aimed at supporting companies that are determined to integrating digital technology into their environmental strategy. Klee is also committed to raising its employees and stakeholders's awereness to digital sobriety, and to reducing the environmental impact of its digital products and services.

  • Global Compact

    Since 2021, Klee Group has been committed as a participant in the United Nations Global Compact social responsibility initiative and its 10 principles around human rights, labor standards, the environment and the fight against corruption.

  • Numérique Responsable Label

    In 2021 Klee Group launched its Responsible Digital approach with the following objectives:

    • Measuring and improving the social, societal and environmental impacts of our activities,
    • Integrating Responsible Digital at the heart of our offers, so that our customers can benefit from these good practices and from less energy-consuming digital services.


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