Welcome to the post digital era

"Companies from the first digital wave are looking to overcome the divisions between the old and the new world. With Klee, bank on digital progress to succeed in this transition. For companies less engaged in their transformation, it's an opportunity to cut corners!"

Thibaud Viala

General Manager Klee Group

"Our vision of sustainable development is built on fundamental ethical and societal principles. Klee Group's objective is to make a positive contribution to a more sustainable world. To achieve this, the Group's vision is reflected on our ecosystem as a whole, creating a virtuous dynamic for the common good."

Samir Khanfir

CEO Klee Group

Our 3 values in a few words


  • Commitment

    Klee is committed to the quality, the costs and the deadlines of its projects. This commitment is achieved through user-centered methods, shared experience and both enterprise and initiative spirit.

  • Collective intelligence

    Immersed in the agile culture, our teams promote collective intelligence with our customers, partners and within Klee itself, with all the willingness and expertise that this requires.

  • Innovation

    Thanks to its R&D and innovation teams, as well as its partnership network and its constant technology watch, Klee combines its skills and expertise to advise and guide its Customers. This helps Klee lead them to make the best choices in the creation of added value solutions

Some figures


Ongoing missions/projects

128 M€

revenue in 2022


Talents in 2023

+ 550


A group commited to it CSR!


CSR at Klee Group is reflected in concrete programs and actions in areas such as responsible digital technology, diversity, waste management and well-being at work.

Klee has obtained HDS (health data hosting) certification

Personal health data is among the most sensitive data. In order to guarantee an optimum level of security, accessibility and confidentiality, Klee has obtained HDS certification, drawn up by the Agence du Numérique en Santé (French Digital Health Agency), enabling it to carry out its customers' digital transformation projects incorporating health data from start to finish (business application, citizen portal, websites, etc.).

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