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Benefit from support throughout your digital project's life cycle, from the idea to the operational, industrial and sustainable solution.



Digital Xperiences

Add value at every stage of your digitalization by increasing your ideation process tenfold, crystallizing your best ideas & testing your solutions quickly.

  • HumanCentricity #Agileculture #Lean #UXdesign #designthinking


Change Management

Achieve transformation projects through business tailored offers, collaborative methods and innovative tools.

  • Gamification #Chatbot #Sketchnoting #CollectiveIntelligence


Modernization of the State

Putting the citizen-user at the center of a public service that has been transformed and optimized with a human, business and innovation-oriented approach.

  • SectorialExpertise #Pluridisciplinarity

Digital integration

DevOps Factory

Operate the agile transformation of your organization through the acceleration of your developments.

  • Atlassian #Industrialization #CollectiveIntelligence

application management

Application Portfolio Management

Sustain your investments by maximizing the usage value of your application assets thanks to ITIL processes aligned with agile & DevOps methods.

  • Urbaniszation #Capitalization #ContinuousInnovation

klee business solutions

Business Apps

Bring your ideas to life, even the most audacious ones, and add value to your business thanks to "usage-oriented" solutions.

  • InnovativeTechnologies #BusinessUnderstanding #Scalable

KLee business solutions

Data Valuation

Enhance your data, whether internal or open, to benefit your business: fraud management, performance acceleration, predictive analysis, etc.

  • Scaling #HybridTechno

klee business solutions


Operate a digital transformation of the purchasing function... enter the age of the e-purchasing "growth booster".

  • Oalia #Performance

klee interactive

Digital Workplace

Involve your employees and build a personalized digital workplace by identifying relevant usage cases and appropriate technologies.

  • Jalios #Drupal

Klee interactive

Web Experience

Promote your brand by deploying your digital communication strategy.

  • Drupal #CMScertified

klee performance

Insight Conso

Statutory Consolidation: Turn obligation into a performance lever with a unique and reliable data repository based on our pre-configured core model.

  • Cloud #IFRS #MultiEditors

klee performance

Insight Controlling

Incorporate innovation in your budgets and make your financial forecasts more reliable with our pre-configured core model.

  • Cloud #MultiEditors



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