Add value to your data with end-to-end guidance

Strategic approach


Make the most of your data from start to finish, from preliminary advice to industrialisation.

Klee helps you implement your data strategy based on the following 5 essential points:

  • Quality: ensuring the quality of the data.
  • Monetisation: building a business model to take advantage of the data.
  • Organisation: develop organisational capabilities (talent, structure, culture, education).
  • Technology: invest in technology for scalability and cost control.
  • Defence: minimise risk.

"Data Analytics and AI initiatives face formidable cultural and organisational barriers. Leaders who take steps up front to break down these barriers will be the ones who take full advantage of the opportunities."

Boris Dorado

Head of Data Department, Klee Group

They trust us

Rémi Marceau

Product Owner Facturation - Dalkia

"From Day One, Klee was able to offer us innovations to match our requirements. Invoices are a real business complexity which Klee has been able to seize, especially with interactive invoicing."

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Fields of Expertise

  • Business Apps

    Strengthen your ongoing strategy and maximise the value of your applications with a product approach tailored to your users!

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  • Agility & DevOps

    Carry out the Agile transformation of your organisation to refocus on your value chain!

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  • CyberSecurity

    Secure your projects, protect your users and your resources by controlling cyber risks

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