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Our references

  • Implementation of the sante.fr portal

    Public Sector

    The centralised and official response to the strong public demand for health information.

    Ministère des Solidarités et de la Santé
  • Dares website

    Public Sector

    Publish the Studies and Statistics of the Ministry of Labor

    République Française - Direction de l'Animation de la Recherche, des Études et des Statistiques
  • Website caissedesdepots.fr

    Bank & Insurance

    Creation of the new Caisse des Dépôts brand and variations on web media

    Caisse des Dépôts
  • L’espace professionnel IGN

    Industry & Services

    The IGN professional space The IGN professional space is the visible part of the Institute's offer for a large number of public actors.

    Institut National de l'information Géographique et Forestière
  • CSN

    Industry & Services

    In order to efficiently support notaries, staff and permanent employees, the CSN has redesigned its collaborative platform

    Conseil Supérieur du Notariat
  • The portal website of the CNAM

    Health & Social

    In France, the Caisse nationale de l'assurance maladie (CNAM) manages, at the national level, the sickness and work accident branches of the general social security system. It is supported by a portal site known to all: Ameli.fr

  • Croix-Rouge

    Health & Social

    The objectives: provision of a dedicated, person-centred website, promotion of the care and services offered by its establishments and response to strong communication challenges

    Croix-Rouge Française
  • TEN'UP "Mon Espace Tennis"

    Culture, Sport & Tourism

    Creation of a reference portal for more than 1 million licensees and 3 million regular practitioners

    Fédération Française de Tennis
  • Drees website

    Public Sector

    Disseminate the work of the Ministry of Solidarity and Health

    Direction de la Recherche, des Études, de l'Évaluation et des Statistiques
  • Des SLAs au cœur du projet

    Health & Social

    The AFM-Telethon faces different important moments during the year. During these periods, it needs a greater reactivity and a solid partnership.

    AFM Téléthon

They trust us

"We have obtained a real documentary and information reference platform that promotes cross-functionality. MyMSF has become indispensable for our teams."

Tanguy Imbert

Digital Manager - Médecins Sans Frontières


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