BLOG | La mise à jour Oracle EPM 11.2.3 est disponible !


Quelles sont les nouveautés apportées ?

Sur le plan technique, cette version n’apportera pas de compatibilité supplémentaire, et la matrice reste inchangée. Cette version est surtout une compilation de correction de bugs introduit en 11.2.2. On notera toutefois la correction des bugs dans LCM lors de l’utilisation du navigateur Chrome.

Côté HFM, un nombre important de bug ont été corrigés dont vous trouverez le détail ci-dessous :

  • 24657984 – You can now add documents to Favorites.
  • 28680173 - Large Smart View sheets with many HsGetText functions no longer cause Financial Management to run out of TCP/IP ports.
  • 30640700 - If an LCM snapshot is taken when a PFLOW table exists without a corresponding PFLOWH table in the application database, you can now restore that snapshot successfully.
  • 30845986 - In distributed environments, you can now open an application the first time without any issues.
  • 24388430, 30920116 - Adding a form from a Tasklist to Favorites now works correctly if the form is under a folder.
  • 31070500 - Metadata load files with invalid characters no longer cause very slow loads.
  • 31079836 - If the Application Upgrade Utility is run before an application is opened on a new installation, the EPM_ORACLE_INSTANCE\diagnostic\logs folder now exists.
  • 31105152 - When restarting the HFM Java Service, XfmDataSource instances that are already running will continue to do so.
  • 31143880 - Scalc function now gives correct results when the regional settings do not use US decimal and thousands separators.
  • 31148452 - With a Smart View sheet opened, when metadata is loaded, refreshing the sheet now causes displayed data to remain.
  • 31175845 - When extracting data to a database using TaskFlows, when Dynamic Accounts are selected, they are now extracted correctly.
  • 31225545 - After upgrading an application from or, you can now open Manage Journals successfully.
  • 31261444 - When the browser language is non-English, you can now post a journal successfully.

Côté Financial Reporting :

  • 31482051 -- When running a Financial Reporting report in Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management Workspace, the folder structure where the report resides now correctly displays above the point of view.
  • 31387294 -- Users provisioned with the Designer role now have access to Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting Web Studio.
  • 30777080 -- Exporting the document repository using the Utility.bat script no longer fails.