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What if you anticipated all human and technological evolutions?

Shape service activities according to contemporary and future changes.

What if the tailor-made approach was the main challenge?

How can service activities be adapted to societal change, the emergence of new consumption patterns, the increasing porosity between industry and services and the rise of new technologies, and mobility in particular?

What if you adapted both your business and information systems to this transformation?

How the challenges be met at a time when traditional economic models are hectic at best, where the arrival of new players redefines the sector’s uses and the contours? 

A complete offer to renovate or redesign your processes and reinvent the relevance of your services

We support you in laying the foundations of innovative services by relying on professional expertise in contexts of great diversity.

IT Consulting, PM Support Consulting

  • Opportunity studies, specifications
  • Prime contractor selection and support
  • Change management support

Klee Conseil


Web Agency

  • Corporate and event sites
  • Online services
  • Collaborative intranets and corporate social networks
  • Mobile solutions

Klee Interactive


Spark Archives Software Package

  • Physical and electronic records management
  • Archival policy implementation
  • Compliance with archival practices and standards

Spark Archives

Performance Management

  • Financial management: budget, accounting consolidation
  • Management control and reporting
  • Payroll Management
  • Business Intelligence

Klee Performance


Personalized Solution implementation

  • Implementation of business applications: contracting, operations management, mobility
  • Application modernization
  • Software integration: CRM, purchases
  • Application management: maintenance recovery, existing application portfolio improvement

Klee Integration

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Our vertical activities

Our vertical activities

Klee Conseil
Spark Archives
Klee Performance
Klee Intégration
Klee Interactive