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Public Sector

What if you could improve your performance and the quality of your services for users?

Modernize administration and optimize the use of public funds.

What if going paperless with your services removed all constraints?

Improve services running and apply new legislation with increasingly fewer staff.

Take into account budgetary restrictions by adopting common information systems or by pooling production methods.

What if you could strengthen the security of your information systems?

In a hyperconnected world, protect your information systems, which are overexposed to more and more evolving threats.

An offer tailored to the organization and administration processes

For more than 20 years, we have supported Modernization of Public Action implementation (a reform introduced by the French government) and the transformation of public service.

IT Consulting, PM Support Consulting

  • Organization
  • Opportunity studies, specifications
  • Prime contractor selection and support
  • Change management support
  • Establishment of a group of experts to support client expertise

Klee Conseil


Web Agency

  • Consumer portal integration
  • Collaborative intranets and corporate social networks
  • Mobile solutions

Klee Interactive

Personalized Solution Implementation

  • Business application development
  • Paperless platforms
  • Software integration: Mail management, citizen experience, purchases
  • Application Management: maintenance recovery and existing application portfolio improvement

Klee Integration


Spark Archives Software Package

  • Personalized and secured access to physical and electronic records
  • Archival policy implementation
  • Compliance with archival practices and public standards

Spark Archives

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Public Sector

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Our vertical activities

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Spark Archives
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