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What if together we can create the health system of tomorrow?

Modernize your information systems for users.

What if health and medical-social services were structured digitally?

Imagine reducing information access times with simple tools that were adapted to all media. Adopt a new way of optimizing medical and social practice for patients and users.

And if your institution were at the heart of its health region?

Improve infrastructure efficiency and effectively coordinate health pathways.

Sharing reliable and secured information with all professionals in your territory is becoming a key challenge.

A dedicated service and software package offer

For more than 15 years, we have supported health and social stakeholders in evolving their information assets.

Project Management Consulting

  • Blueprint
  • Supply of care management
  • Coordinated patient pathway
  • Telemedicine

Klee Conseil


Digital Agency

  • Corporate communication
  • Virtual office
  • Collaborative tools
  • Mobile solutions

Klee Interactive

Custom Solution Development

  • Tele-declaration
  • Reporting
  • Vigilance
  • Health data protection

Klee Intégration


Spark Archives Software Package

  • Archival policy implementation
  • Physical archives and electronic of patient records
  • Identity monitoring
  • Compliant archives

Spark Archives

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Our vertical activities

Our vertical activities

Klee Conseil
Spark Archives
Klee Intégration
Klee Interactive