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Mass Market Products

What if technology could give you a competitive advantage?

Create a new relationship with consumers by adapting to consumer trends.

What if you coulds adopt an omni-channel customer relatonship?

Imagine bringing your brand closer to consumers through an increasingly personalized omni-channel relationship, quickly intervening in markets and points of sale, adapting your offer to changes in selection, consumption and geographical areas, with a unique access to valuable information on consumer expectations.

What if you could manage and share information in real time?

Imagine taking advantage of the latest tools to be more efficient and guarantee the quality of execution in-store, gaining a competitive advantage with real-time information feedback.

A range of specialized services and tools to recruit and retain your customers

We support you in your daily business transformation with our fourfold competence: manufacturers, retailers, sales and IT.

Business Strategy Mastery

  • Sales Support and Business Cycle Management Software
  • PGC Images Database
  • Virtual and interactive 3D showroom design and distribution

Klee Commerce


Web Agency

  • Brand and event websites
  • E-commerce sites for the general public and professionals
  • Mobile solutions

Klee Interactive

Performance Management

  • Financial management: budget, accounting consolidation
  • Management control and reporting
  • Business Intelligence

Klee Performance


Custom Solution Development

  • Marketing and commercial activity management
  • Integrated business applications
  • Development of digital services that complement the product

Klee Intégration

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Mass Market Products

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Our vertical activities

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