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What if you changed your teaching methods?

Become more relevant and effective within your ecosystem.

What if school went digital?

How can new methods of learning (flipped classrooms, MOOCs, etc.) be offered? How can work in class and outside of the classroom be articulated? How can collaborative work with intra- and inter-institutional groups be developed?

What if your training organization had a competitive advantage?

Imagine dealing with key processes of business relationships, optimizing students recruitment, managing pedagogical and administrative monitoring, and having relevant and up-to-date data.

A dedicated service and software package offer

Over the last 10 years, we have been supporting those involved in education and lifelong learning.

Digital Education Council

  • Blueprint
  • Device evaluation
  • Assistance in choosing and implementing an ENT (Digital workplace)
  • Managing digital training offer transformation

Klee Conseil


Web Agency

  • Supporting transformation projects
  • Web portals, mobile applications, collaborative tools

Klee Interactive

Solution Development (CRM/XRM)

  • Relationship with “learners” for integration
  • Relationship with companies for fundraising
  • Programming and administrative monitoring of continuing education
  • Student recruitment and admission process management

Klee Integration


Spark Archives Software Package

  • Personalized and secured access to physical and electronic records
  • Archival policy implementation
  • Compliance with archival practices and standards

Spark Archives

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Our vertical activities

Our vertical activities

Klee Conseil
Spark Archives
Klee Intégration
Klee Interactive