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What if you maximize the sales potential of your brands?

Sustainably improve business performance with innovative strategies and solutions tailored to your business.

What if you could anticipate changes in retail to meet consumers’ new expectations?

Switch from a product oriented strategy to a client oriented strategy, to target customers who are more and more mobile and volatile.

Improve customer knowledge to build a relevant and personalized offer using an approach based on loyalty. 

What if you succeeded in adding value and differentiating your offer?

Implementing a coherent in-store sales strategy requires adapting to local markets. Merchandising plays a major role in achieving these objectives by creating desire for your brands.

What if technological evolution helped brands to be more productive?

Be agile to face fast changing new technologies.

Modernize your business applications in an omni-channel way to increase your market share and profitability.

A range of specialized services and tools to recruit and retain your customers

Our mastery of business processes supports your business transformation on a daily basis.

Merchandising strategy mastery

  • Software package for cycle management sales and merchandising
  • Database of mass-market product images
  • Virtual and interactive 3D showroom design and distribution

Klee Commerce


Performance Management

  • POS reporting and performance
  • Business Intelligence
  • Financial management: budget, accounting consolidation

Klee Performance

Web Agency

  • Corporate and event sites
  • E-commerce sites
  • Mobile solutions
  • Brand networks management

Klee Interactive


Customized Solution Development

  • POS information and promotion systems
  • Integrated business applications
  • Marketing and sales activity management

Klee Intégration

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Our vertical activities

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