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Banking and Insurance

What if you lived and breathed the digital mutation of banking/insurance?

Limiting the amount of paper, controlling operational costs, enriching and adapting the offer to the customer, digitizing banking/insurance is synonymous with efficiency.

What if you gave meaning to your customer relationship?

Offer true added value to the customer by allowing them to do their banking and insurance tasks independently, and by focusing on relevant interactions at key points. 

What if your banking/insurance serves took on a multichannel dimension?

Be present for the customer at the right times. Physical or virtual presence, on a computer, a smartphone or a tablet: the promise of a valuable and homogeneous experience, regardless the channel. 

A dedicated service and software package offer

We are the partner for change and developing customized information systems. All teams work with the banking/insurance industry in its digital transformation.

Consulting and Performance Management

  • Banking / insurance digitalization
  • Digital offer transformation management
  • Statutory consolidation
  • Budget
  • Management control: reporting, prudential ratios
  • Business Intelligence

Klee Performance


Customized Solution Development

  • Business-specific application development
  • Application renewal
  • Software package integration: CRM, purchases
  • Application management: maintenance recovery, existing application portfolio improvement
  • Digitizing

Klee Integration

Spark Archives Software Package

  • Physical and electronic records management
  • Serial archives: loan files, insurance policies, etc.
  • Governance, collection, communication, preservation and destruction of archives
  • Regulatory Compliance, Compliance with Standards

Spark Archives


Capital Venture

Capital Venture is a software package for private equity:

  • Holdings and funds management
  • CRM and dealflow tracking
  • Investor reporting and communication

 Capital Venture

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Banking and Insurance

Our vertical activities

Our vertical activities

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Capital Venture
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