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Spark archives

Records management solution to support your digital transformation

the management of all your archives

Spark Archives is the records management and information governance solution—essential support in your digital transition. This software is designed to meet archiving standards, interacting with all departments that produce and use records. It allows the governance of archives’ life cycle, regardless of storage method, location or format of archived material.

Spark Archives
Allow Total to manage its electronic and physical archives in a single database

Capital venture

The front-to-back solution for Private Equity firms
Helping you optimize

your firm’s management activities

Capital Venture is open to all Private Equity firms (Venture Capital, Capital Development, LBO, Mezzanine, Hedge Funds, Family Offices) and offers a front-to-back solution that responds to all your major challenges: improving the performance of your Front office, managing your whole business, facilitating communication with your investors, and automating your reports.

Capital Venture
Enable Apax Partners to manage holdings and funds

Klee commerce

Solutions for retail and consumer goods
Helping you drive

your business and merchandising

Klee Commerce enables manufacturers and retailers in mass market sectors to increase their sales performance. With relevant business indicators available, you are able to drive your sales teams and operational activities.

You will increase your sales and effectively apply your strategy in the field. Our solution also supports retailers who want to increase the profitability of sales areas, anticipate changes in consumption, and increase customer loyalty.

Klee Commerce
Facilitate the commercial management of La Fermière
Enabling you to design

your digital content

Klee Studio delivers digital content for consumer products. We provide a range of services to those involved with mass market and specialized circuits: point of sale planograms, 2D images with product information, 3D objects, database management for brands and/or categories, ingredients, etc.

Klee Studio
Procter & Gamble: 10,000 images taken in 22 countries (check the confidentiality clause)
Launching virtualization

of your points of sale

Klee 3D Design is a 3D virtualization solution for designing, testing and distributing realistic, immersive and interactive virtual showrooms. It accelerates your marketing operation and in-store merchandising launches, enhances your actions and facilitates their implementation.

Agile and flexible, Klee 3D is 100% mobile. Your offers and recommendations come alive, in real or imaginary context, with breathtaking, interactive and immersive 3D! No need to imagine, try it!

Klee 3D
Virtual and augmented reality for commercial performance